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Laurel and Trevor with Skunk hanging upside down in front of All City Animal Truck

My name is Laurel and I started AAA Odor Removal because I needed to find a solution to a HUGE problem in my marriage.

My husband runs a successful animal trapping and dead animal removal business. He is an extremely hard worker, and I have always been so grateful for how well he provides for our family. To him the smell of skunk spray and dead carcass' mean money.

I, on the other hand, felt very differently. I was the one that had to deal with the awful stares and phone calls from our neighbors complaining about the humiliating stench from his work trucks, the countless items of clothing and work shoes that had been ruined, not to mention the replacement of two perfectly good washing machines because of the rotten smells that wouldn't go away. As if that wasn't enough, I had to live with the nasty headaches from the fumes. It seemed that everything in our house stunk! Nothing would get rid of the smell.

I was becoming more and more resentful at my husband, because everything that I had tried to get rid of the smell wasn't working. I called everywhere that listed "odor removal", "skunk odor removal", "how to remove odors" on the internet and in the Yellow Pages. I bought every "all natural" solution available, tried airing out my home on a daily basis and nothing worked! I was virtually going out of my mind.

Then one day, I stumbled across these unique machines that used the same properties that nature creates naturally to get rid of odors. They are hand made by a molecular biologists who has put years of hard work into perfecting them. I ordered a unit, and within the first treatment the odors were completely removed. My odor problems are ongoing, so I purchased a unit for our home. Then one of the wives of my husband's employees called me and asked what I had found that removed the odors from our house. I brought the unit over to their house and it removed their odors too! I knew I was on to something BIG!

Today, my husband's business has grown to 7 men who report to work, in my living room every morning at 8:00am. Those same men are back in my living room at the end of the day carrying lots of paperwork and the most rancid stench that only the owner of an animal trapping company could appreciate.

With regular use of the AAA Odor Removal unit, our home stays fresh and clean. I'm not ashamed to have friends over for dinner and its safe for kids and animals.

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