How it Works

Odors are Mother Nature's way of saying something is wrong. Outside, odors and microorganisms are naturally eliminated by using both UV light and O3 (ozone). Nature creates ozone naturally during thunderstorms, which combined with sunlight acts as a natural and powerful deodorizer. To put it most simply, this process is what makes the air so crisp, fresh and clean smelling after a thunderstorm. That wonderful smell in the air is ozone hard at work, refreshing the earth's surface.

Indoors, most places that generate odors receive very little UV light or ozone, which means getting rid of odors naturally is virtually impossible. Until now! AAA Odor Removal's unique and powerful odor eliminating machines utilize a scientifically engineered electrical current which creates natural ozone. This ozone sanitizes soft and pliable surfaces by breaking down odors, microorganisms and other odor causing pollutants at their source.

AAA Odor Removal's unique machines use the naturally present oxygen in and around the odor and convert it to ozone. The ozone breaks down the odor causing microorganisms, eliminating them forever. Once the machine is turned off the ozone in the space converts back to oxygen naturally in about an hour. This process leaves the air in the odorous space fresh and clean, as nature intended. As long as the primary cause of the odor is removed, odor reoccurrences are extremely unlikely.

Actual Case

Sandy S., from Orange County asks, "HELP! I have a cat that won't stop spraying my living room carpet! I have had the space cleaned and treated several times but the smell just won't go away! I'm almost ready to replace my carpet but I don't have the time or money. How can AAA Odor Removal help me?"

Sandy's problem is a common one and we're so glad she contacted us. Here is what we told Sandy:

AAA Odor Removal will come to Sandy's home and close off the living room space. AAA Odor Removal's unit will then be placed in the space and plugged and into the wall. The area would then be vacated and the unit will run until for a scheduled amount of time. Unit run times will vary depending upon the severity of the odor. Once the session is completed, a wait time of 1 – 2 hours is recommended to allow the ozone to convert back to oxygen again. When AAA Odor Removal returns to pick up the unit they will confirm that the odor has been completely eliminated. If not, the treatment will be repeated again.

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